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Mack Truck with Sleeper


PinnacleThe Mack is built strong and reliable. It is tough enough to withstand any load with great horsepower plus great low-end torque. It is made with higher tolerances to maintain the safety and profitability of your vehicle.

Pinnacle DashThe dash layout is equipped with controls and switches are strategically placed for driver effectiveness, comfort and ease of use. The steering column can be placed almost in any position to fit the driver’s needs. The accelerator, brake pedals and clutch are placed above the floor and mounted; this makes it easier for the driver.

Pinnacle CabThe Pinnacle is available in five-sleeper size. You’ll find lots of cabinetry, tall closets, and plenty of storage. The drive can add amenities such as a mini refrigerator and TV to make life a little easier while on the road.

This vehicle is going to empower and inspire you to drive further and reach your end in comfort and style. It is going to make you feel as if you’re on the top of the world.



Pinnacle DayCabMack Day Cab


Mack Pinnacle is another name for comfort and innovation. It’s innovated because it’s four inches longer, yet it is comfortable and efficient. Drivers will feel at ease while driving this day cab, because they can actually move and tilt their seats back and forth to a desired comfortable driving position. Other parts like the steering column, dash layout, accelerator, brake pedals and clutch experience the similar comfyness and easiness for the drivers to keep the wheels rolling all day.

It is a fuel-efficient vehicle, with an advanced combustion engine that will provide you with the best solutions in terms of fuel-economy. The Mack Day Cab comes with a lot of programmable features, which are reliable and techno-savvy to fit the needs and demands of the modern era.



Granite InteriorGraniteMack Granite


Mack Granite MP Engine is an advanced electronics system. This machine was designed for your comfort and safety. This machine helps to make your ride on the road smoother over treacherous terrain.

Features such as the dash have been made easier by placing all switches and controls within a reachable range. The steering column is designed to place in any desired position to give you a personalized feel. Other features such as accelerator, brake pedals, clutch pedal have been a given a modern touch along with safety in mind.

This machine is not your ordinary machine, it can handle the most challenging jobs, yet providing an exceptional fuel economy. Mac Granite is another name for sophistication and comfort. It is the ultimate product for this and next generation to come.


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  2014 Mack CXU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: Red  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340050
Options:  MP8 445hp, mDrive, 3.25 Ratio, 70" Sleeper, 233" WB

  2013 Mack CXU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: Red  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M33071
Options:  MP8 415hp, 10 speed, 14.6K FA, 3.70 Ratio

  2015 Mack GU713 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M350025
Options:  MP8 505hp, Mack 18, 20k FA, 44k RA, 251" WB

  2014 Mack GU533 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340064
Options:  ISL 345hp, Allison Auto, 16.5/40 Axles, 5.29 ratio, 214" WB

  2013 Mack GU813 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M33065
Options:  MP8 425hp, Allison Auto, 20/46 Axles, 36" Sleeper

  2014 Mack CXU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340075
Options:  MP8 445hp, Fuller 10, 3.55 Ratio, 185" WB

  2014 Mack CXU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340052
Options:  MP8 445hp, Mack 10, 3.56 Ratio, 185" WB

  2014 Mack CHU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340063
Options:  MP8 445, Mack 13, 14.6k FA, 44k RA, 249" WB

  2014 Mack CHU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340081
Options:  MP8 445, Fuller 13, 213" WB, 3.36 Ratio

  2014 Mack CXU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340074
Options:  MP8 445, Fuller 10, 185" WB, 3.55 Ratio

  2014 Mack CXU613 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340082
Options:  MP8 415, mDrive, 191" WB, 3.25 Ratio

  2014 Mack GU713 M.S.R.P.Net Price
Color: White  Miles: New NACall
Stock #: M340084
Options:  MP8 415, Mack 10, 20k FA, 44k RA, 3,98 Ratio, 242" WB


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